21-GOU KAIZOU KEIKAKU ANDROID 21'S REMODELING PLAN 01 Inside jokes, dbz fan service, and a terrific storey. Akira Toriyama's is the best new character he's ever created. Beginners will love it (auto combos and a wonderful tutorial) and masters will love it (large combinations and team compositions)!
They're also constantly adding new characters, DLC, accessories, and balance fixes to the game!
Since Dbz Tenkaichi 3, this is the best DBZ game !
New characters such as , a villain who eats or absorbs people like Majin Buu or Cell, are included in FighterZ. This game gets a 10/10 from me because it looks like it's from the anime, has a lot of anime references (mostly the fighting styles), has good graphics, the netcode isn't that slow, but if you're a beast at this game, you'll get a ragequit, it's a good fighting game for people who like Street Fighter or something, and yeah. The bad news is that there are no negative aspects to the game! The game is slick and enjoyable to play.
The game is difficult at first, but once you've played it a few times, it becomes simple and enjoyable . If you're looking for a fun DBZ gameANDROID 21 XXX, I highly recommend this one (or Budokai Tenkaichi 3)
While the game has various flaws, most notably the internet component, it is unquestionably the best anime fighter ever created. This is the ideal game for any Dragon Ball fan, with a broad and expanding cast, fantastic graphics, and plenty of fanservice. The roster is very well-balanced, with no characters who are completely invincible. One of the most appealing aspects of this game is that, with the correct team, you can make any character viable.
This game is ideal for those who want to take their initial steps into the world of fighting games. Arc System Works and Bandai Namco have taken a number of steps to lower the entry barrier.