| WENDOLIN – THE PINK KNIGHT RETURNS Wendoline received a harsh reprimand from Batman. She has taken on the role of . She had a fantastic body and massive tits, but she still had a lot to learn. She was kidnapped, fucked, and gang-banged for some criminals, jeopardising the entire aim of bringing down the GCPD's corruption. Batman wanted her to be serious about his job, but she wasn't even wearing undergarments. So He decided that in order for Wendoline to be ready, she would require specific training, be prepared, or just remove the mask.
Wendoline had to work out in order to get stronger, pulling weights over a large dildo in her asshole. Also, to develop her investigative skills by improving her capacity to distinguish criminals based on the taste and smell of their sperm; to improve her knowledge, attention, and focus by participating in a special training session in a bed and receiving spankings if she provided a bad answer. She needed to increase her club training as well, so she danced and twerked. Finally, by fucking the criminals, she honed her close combat skills, but the final was to meet Batman himself .THE PINK KNIGHT RETURNS

She had to face Batman first in order to be prepared for her first mission. He fucked her pussy and her asshole, she resisted the trial and swallowed Batman sperm, and she was transformed into a new breed of superhero. She was finally prepared for her first assignment, which would take her to the mutant lair. She defeated the mutant gang as a whole, but she still had to deal with the Mutant leader. He turned to face her and drew out his massive dick. Wendoline was terrified and wanted to go, but the Mutant had other plans; perhaps she wasn't quite ready after all .
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