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Although he can't stop piercing Batgirl's large ass with his huge cock when he sees Batgirl's huge ass, he can't resist penetrating him with his huge cock when he sees Batgirl's huge ass .
Batman is accompanied by Batgirl and Robin on a mission to apprehend the Joker, who has taken refuge within a skyscraper. Batman, on the other hand, decides to split up with them and sends them to the restroom to hide.
When they arrive, Batgirl informs Robin that using that location as a hiding is impossible, but he can't help but notice how Batgirl's new outfit highlights her huge, succulent breasts and big, fat ass. Then Batgirl decides to lean out and take a look around to see if the Joker is nearby, while Robin sits still, enthralled by Batgirl's body's features, which contribute to her intensified sexual cravings .

When Batgirl notices the Joker entering the bathroom, she grabs Robin by the hand and leads her into one of the cubicles, where they will remain until the Joker has walked away. This action puts them both in an extremely intimate position, and Robin can't help but be stimulated by his body's contact with Batgirl's, a circumstance that Batgirl notices because she can feel Robin's erection touching her pussie. Batgirl chooses to let the beast in Robin's suit loose, causing it to drop on her breasts as her frantic lips inch closer to every inch of his pulsing, powerful manhood .
Robin tries to keep himself in check by recalling the principles he learned during his Batman training, but Batgirl's tongue circling over the tip of his dick forces him to give up. He grabs Batgirl's head and slams it into his pelvis, swallowing his dick fully .
Batgirl's pussie gets wet as he repeats this action, indicating how happy she is to have the opportunity to swallow a cock as thick and delicious as Robin's, which she will take full advantage of as long as there are no interruptions.