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Everyone who saw this Dagonball Dojin knows without a doubt that the correct answer is Bulma x Beerus. It was most likely done under an alias by Toyotaro himself.
Beerus is punished by being forced to swap bodies with a mortal for a day, and the mortal who receives his body is the old one.
What did Beerus do to Bulma?
However, he is taken aback when Bulma approaches Beerus and smacks him across the face. She chastises him for his behaviour at her birthday party, but Beerus, smirking at her, smacks her back, knocking her out.
Was Vegeta stronger than Goku when Beerus hit Bulma?
Bulma is slapped by Beerus. While the outburst is brief, Vegeta is currently stronger than Goku.
Did Vegeta fight Beerus?
Vegeta vs. Beerus is a fight that takes place on Earth following the Dragon Team's defeat. Vegeta is forced to confront the Hakaishin Beerus. The fight between the two is short-lived until Beerus slaps Bulma, inciting Vegeta's rage.
Can vegito beat Beerus?
Buu, who was more powerful than SSJ3 Goku at the time, was destroyed by SSJ Vegeto. As we all know, fusion is extremely powerful. If SSJG Goku was able to defeat Beerus, who used 70% of his power, an SSJG Vegeto being twice as strong as SSJG Goku would most likely be enough to defeat Beerus.