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ROANOAK FURRY COMIC – SAFE WORD Translation by Haose Dragon (TaiwanBro) Please continue to watch “Fo Mao Team” on the Fox Children’s Channel! Hahaha! This forest will soon become a beautiful parking lot! I love the parking lot..

. Victor the Ripper! It seems we arrived in time! These animals need our help! what!

How can the four little ghosts stop me? The beast is transformed! Team Maomao is here! Wow, why are they so sexy? Hip hop!

Kronk! attack! Uh…

they make me feel bad about Suhu… Hurry up, idiot! Come on, buddy!

Let Mao Mao fly for a while! Oh! I do not like this! Unleash the mighty musk! Oooh!

evil! The smell of wet fur and sex! evil…

! Victor the Ripper, you can never destroy the forest again! Evil, I can’t even look at you like this…

I want to have a man vs. Lion duel with you! Oh…

good, good! Rocket punch! evil! My hands still feel..

. Victor the Ripper, you should learn to respect the animals in the forest…

No, no, I really beg you to let go of my hand?

Your fur is sweaty and sticky… Haha, fool! You shouldn’t believe me!

Get ready to lead to death, furry freak! Maomao, go into bad mode! …

No doors the host! Do not! Don’t leave us! I love you hip hop If you like this video, please subscribe! You may not have noticed that Dan is actually a line puppet manipulated by a 40-foot tall giant -You are too ridiculous-Dimitri!

Cut the thread!.

Date: March 7, 2021