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Grand army High Scholl Full episode 1. You can’t fuck with me. If you wanted to These expensive. These is red bottoms. These is bloody. Shoes Hit the store I can get’em both. I don’t wan na choose And I’m quick cut a nigga off, So don’t get comfortable. Look, I don’t dance now I make money moves Say I don’t got ta dance. I make money moves. If I see you – and I don’t speak, That means I don’t fuck with you, I’m a boss, you a worker, bitch Gracie. Now she says she gon’ do what to who Let’s find out and see Cardi B [ girl, 1 ] Girl. Let me in You know where I be -Hi, You in the club just to party

.. -OK.I got you

It’S OK,

[ Gracie sobs quietly ] -I got you [ Gracie sniffles ] Come on. Get up Put your foot up, Come on.

Ok., Are you disgusted by me [ girl, ]? No, Never! I love you.

It’S gon na be totally fine. It’S gon na be fine OK.. You ready -Mm-hmm

[ sniffles ] -OK., [, grunts, groans, ], -I’m, sorry -Oh, my God [ whimpers, ] -It’s, OK., [, exhales, slowly, whimpers ], -Sorry, Gracie,

[ winces ] [, pained gasping, ] [, pained gasping, ], [, sighs, ], Cardi B. You know where I’m at You know where I be You in the club just to party I’m there I get paid a fee I be in and out them banks. So much. I know they’re tired of me honestly …. Yes, Thank you.

Registration deadline is today, I’m sorry. It took us so long to get our shit together, Domo, but you are expensive.

I’M cheap, actually, Your hair took me eight hours, Sonia’s deadass took me over six

These girls need to stop shouting these lyrics, So fucking true.My ears are bleeding [. Girls continue shouting lyrics ]. My pussy feels like a lake John wan na swim with his face. Oh yes, girl, [, girl, 2 ], Get it

Get hype Ask John Ellis to the prom. I ask John to prom he’d be like “ Uh, who the fuck are you ?” Girl? He knows who you are: dumbass [ Gracie groans, ], [, gasps, exhales, sharply, ] [, heavy breathing, ] [ girl ]. Almost there [ girl, 1 ] OK. [ moaning ], Come hear this

They’Re legit eating each other out: -Hey [, giggling, ], Fuck, off [ girls, giggle ] -The fuck is wrong with them. [ Gracie ] George was like “, Don’t make it a thing ,”, but

It’S been up there forever. It’S poisoning me Gracie, it’s not poisoning you. I promise

Wait, wait, wait, wait, Wait, Don’t move, I can feel it One. Two three

[ gasping ] [ gasping continues: ] [, chuckles, ], [, laughs ]. I can’t believe you just did that for me. Oh my God. Nat Chris Success, [ girl, 2 ] Holy shit. You goddess

[ girl, 3 ]. What is that? Ugh [ disgusted gasping, ] [ girl, 4 ] Uh-uh, [, giggling ] Wan na pick that up for me real quick. I have to get to class

I’M just … fucking with you, Relax

Ok. Dude George learns how to use a condom or he doesn’t get to do you anymore. Ok, And no one better talk shit, I’m fucking serious

You got Plan B right That condom had his sperm in it and it was stuck in you -Damn yo. That’S some thotty shit, [, snickering, ], -Gracie you’re, not pregnant -But. I could be

And I’m drowning in APs right now. I don’t have time to deal with a fucking fetus. Oh my God! Oh my God, I’m gon na throw up

[, sighs ] -I am 100 % not going to Conor’s tonight.

-What No Grace I wanted to stay at your place tonight. [ girl, 4 ], I’m gon na be late for class. [ bell rings: ], [, hip-hop music plays ] [ girl, 1 ]. You didn’t have to fuck with her like that.

I was just providing her information You’re her dance captain right, Maybe that’s something you should do Well when I’m officially voted captain in the spring I’ll have to remember that Hey. What are you captain of again by the way?

John Ellis dipping out, You still got time to catch him. Stop [ coach, ], Better hurry, [ gasping, ] -Slow down

-Yeah relax. I don’t need to relax [ cell phone vibrates. ], Hey! Is that your girl Punjab? She send you a tit pic. Let me see.

Did you fuck her yet -Dude -What, I’m just playing If you uh wan na stay a virgin? I respect that.

Hey Sid, pull you away for a sec, Guys get to class Peace, Harvard boy, [ clicks tongue, ], [, woman, ], Hey, so your parents have sent me a few emails. I detailed for them again our strategy for your deferment,

If we’re gon na get those extra materials in, we got ta — Yeah, I’m on it Trust me, I’m just trying to get the essay to the place. You’Re telling me it needs to be so …

-We’Re getting down to the wire -I know: You’ll have a solid final version. Next week Sounds like a plan. There is a long history of Jews and Judaism in China.

There’S documentation of Jewish people in China, starting as early as the 7th century [ in Mandarin ]. I looked it up. There are only 2,500 Jews in the whole country, [ in English, ], Small communities developed throughout the Tang and Song dynasties..

[ in Mandarin ] White girl, desperate to find white history in China,

And all the way through the … King dynasty, I’m mostly interested — [ in Mandarin ]. Listen to the way she says: “, Qing,

“ [ in English ] They will be the main focus of my project. Great, That sounds wonderful. Thanks. Leila Can’t wait to see your presentation.

All right Who wants to go next? Anyone [ girl, ] Me [ in Mandarin ], You look like a whore

[ giggling ] [ in English, ]. What We always forget, you can’t speak Chinese [ girl, 2 ], You don’t even look Chinese [ in Mandarin ] You’ll put “ born in China” on your college applications, though won’t you Anne Frank, [ teacher continues talking in background ] [ in Mandarin ]. Damn

Y’All are fucking brutal, [, snickering, ], [ teacher ]. We really wan na reflect on the past to understand ourselves better

And if for you, that means bringing in a video clip to share with us just to explain or that it shows something visual about that time period that you find really fascinating Like please do that. That would be amazing.

[ hip-hop music playing ] -Hey. Can I have a tissue, please [, vendor ] Here Fuck on your broad, then run it back Run it back run. It back run it back. [, vendor ], Here, brother [, boy, ], Hello, All right!

Appreciate it Abdullah, [ Abdullah ] Stay out of trouble. -Of course. Thank you. That’S the way my neck talkin’ [ boy, 2 ]. We killed that audition bro

Way the stress talkin’ – Hey it’s like I fucking became Coltrane in that room, -Word -Yo. I swear. I hit that F2, like “ Yeeeee !” Yo, since I got that new 2.5 reed fire

-Damn -Mm What’d, they say to you again: Uh crisp, sound flawless delivery, impressive musicality, Yeah, see bro

This is 100 percent happening. -Don’T shake your head. I told you -Come on bro [ boy, 2, ] Yeah,

Hold on, Let me toss this [ boy, 2 ], Yo, Jay, [ boy, ], Run it back 48 yards. I run it back. I cop a car. I run it back Fuck on your broad, then run it back Run it back run. It back run it back. -But, look bro, here’s the truth, -What you about to say:

It’S obviously mad easy to be overly confident when your parents hook you up with master classes at Julliard -and you blowing on a Selmer -Yo Yo fuck that bro You trying wailing on my school-issued Yamaha -I got the same natural talent as you

-Please, That’s why we both gon na get in OK, Jay -Bro! Stop it -I believe you bro

[ Jay ] Yo Shit, what’s good, Where you headed bro -I’m out

Senior living

[ boy ], Looking good bro, I’m gon na go surprise. My mom for lunch, Fucking word She’s, not gon na be mad at you for skipping Nah. I got in on early decision.

I’M straight for Chapel Hill [, Jay, ], North Carolina baby, all right, -Yeah, [, Jay ]. I feel that

-So yeah Now I’m just chilling Y’all going to that free later, -Hell, yeah -Most. Definitely

-All right -I’m gon na come …. You know what I mean:

Word: [ chuckling, ], [, Jay ], Word Word: -All right, -We’ll catch up;

-Word -Easy Be seeing you For a fact Look bro. All I’m saying is there’s no way. Two sophomore saxes that go to the same school are making All-State

Don’T be negative, You been negative since the 6th grade. What’S up Money, you been mad goofy and overly confident since, like forever

-That’S, why I get more girls than you,

-Aaah, Hey yo, real quick. Let me borrow your trigonometry homework. Hmm..

Let me think bro -No -You deadass Bro. You have to learn this shit.

You got ta, learn it All right Hook me up and I’ll roll up tonight: [ chuckles, ], [ boy ], Where you gon na get the cash for the weed. Your pops

Bro come on man, You know I’ll get it. You not gon na get it bro. Watch me. I don’t wan na hear nothing when I do too

[ boy ], You ain’t getting no hit [ Jay ], You think it’ll be puff, puff pass. It’S gon na be puff. Puff-Puff-Puff …,

[ boy ] Can’t lick that.It’s, not there -It’s gon na, be there You gon na be mad. When it’s there, I’m telling you

‘Cause you gon na be sitting there. I’M gon na be sitting there, but I’m gon na be smoking. It and you’re not — [ distant explosion. ] [ distant alarms ring ], [ boy 2, ]. What the fuck was that [ teacher 1 ]. Ok guys. I need you out of the hallway now

Move [ alarm rings: ], [, boy, 3. ]. Is that real right now [ girl ]? Oh my God,

[ woman over PA ], This is a mandatory emergency lockdown Attention teachers. Please guide your students to your assigned lockdown location, [ teacher 2 ] Go straight down the hall to the base hub [ PA ] Attention, students

Remain calm, …, [, girl, ] Gracie. Are you hearing the fucking announcements

There was an explosion outside Leila, come on, You got ta, get away from the window, [ PA ]. This is not a drill For your safety. Students and faculty are not permitted to leave the premises.

[ tense music plays ] -My breasts are sore -What. I googled it. I’M experiencing the early signs of pregnancy I’ll, look at it later. Ok,

Come on

Let’S go [ Grace ]. Does an abortion hurt -What -No idea,

-But you’ve had one Why the fuck would you think that Do you think if this is a terrorist attack, tonight’s party’s, a dub? The only way that this party gets canceled is if we all fucking die, Gracie Mom

Mom there was an explosion: [ students, muttering ], [ boy. ] Seriously, Did you see that smoke Hey? I said no stopping at the lockers

Come on guys get to the stairs [ panicked, muttering, ], [, Jay ]. We were this close to the school when it went off. [ Sonia ], Jay you’re, always telling these stories [ Jay ], I’m not lying -You. Do this all the time?

-He was Arab and he had wires coming out of his jacket.

Jay stop! No. This is all you -Just stop!

That’S fucking racist [, Jay ]. What Sonia I saw [ Dom ] Yo stop -Jay. This is so you

You’Re all talk bro [, Jay ]. What -You kinda are, though, Did you not see the kid with the wires in the plaza Cllate

You’Re so damn loud, I’m not all talk I’ll prove to you. I’M not [, Sonia ] You’re, making mad people anxious, Stop

I’Mma slide down this banister I’mma walk the talk -Bro. We don’t have no time for this -I’m deadass. I bet you. I do it.

Why That has nothing to do with the guy? You saw -or anything like that. So — -Don’t be a pussy. Just bet me Wow -How much

-Twenty-Five [ man ] Come on. Let’S go, ladies

Fine, But you can’t

.. -Jay: what are you doing? [ Jay ], It’s too late, I’m gone

[ gasping ] [ teacher 2. ]. Excuse me What the hell do you think you’re doing Do you understand what’s happening outside, Find a seat, [, Jay, ]. Sorry,

-Come on Move, You owe me money, Ms. Wilder’s, popping pills,

[ man ] All right. You guys … Girl, get me one. [ boys, ] Bomb

-Pussy [ teacher 1 ] Completely inappropriate Yo, I’m telling you this shit got everyone acting fucking, dumb -Yo. We got Joey D on the list right -Yeah, the ultimate pussy

[ boy 1, ] Yo, how about Tatiana Ivanova Yo? I jerked off to a nude of her for like … two weeks.

-She’S, a fucking genius in AP, Chem, [ boy, 2, ]. Ok, I added her pic Caption [ boy, 3, ] KBG, pussy, -What,

-‘Cause she’s Russian -He means KGB, [, snickering, ] -Yeah, that’s what I mean -Jeez My stupid dyslexic, ass

.., How did you get into this school bro seriously, “ Sp-Ed” kids get like an extra week on the standardized testing, -right “ Speddy” -Fuck yeah

I love working the system, -It’s good [ boy, 2, ] Done – Who else Yo Jorge

Yo, what about Grace She’s, dangerous bro? Last time we fucked her vag vacuumed the condom right off [ boy, 1, ], Nah, Nah, Gracie,

Punjab you’re up Who’s, your most fuckable pick -No girlfriends -I’m, not doing that now: [ boy, 1, ], But New Delhi. It’S a feminist list of sexually empowered and desirable Grand Army females.

It’S like our last gift to this place before ISIS bombs, the city to shit. Bro, That’s not funny. [ boy, 1, ] Bro. I was playing How about Little Punjab, Fuck, yeah

Add Meera right, … You’re, not putting my sister on that list; Fuck no

[ boy, 1, ] Shit. Whatever Excuse me, You OK, Yeah

Um my sister’s Meera Pakam She’s, a sophomore -I promised my parents I’d sit with her -I can’t let you roam the halls. I know, but she’s literally five doors down in 231.

-All right go, Don’t make a big thing. -Yes Thanks! So much [ door opens ]. [ door closes ], [, sniffling, sobbing ] [ Sid ]. What are you doing?

Uh, I’m going in that room down there. Why don’t you come? I don’t wan na die in this school You’re, not gon na die.

No one even knows me here and

.. – and I don’t like myself here – [ sobs ], It’s like ever since I got here. I don’t know myself or anything. I don’t know fucking shit,

I was so much better in 8th grade. I was strong or, like I don’t know, but … [ sniffles ]

..Now, I’m a freshman and I’m like it: fucking sucks, [, Sid, ] Where’d. You go to middle school -Salk

[ chuckles ] Me too, That’s funny [ Leila ] Seriously. Did you have Madeline for drama? I didn’t do drama

-My sister did She’s just down there, — -Do, you know Joey Del Marco. She threw a wet condom at me today. Why do you even do that to someone? She doesn’t even know me.

And yeah, I don’t speak Chinese, I was born in China. Then I was adopted And now we’re gon na like die.

[ sniffles ], Then the other day I saw this stupid “ NOW THIS” video about this girl who finally meets her birth parents on this like beautiful bridge, but my parents are really nice people And if I die in some fucking terrorist bomb before I can like Be whatever then nothing’s gon na ever be good? For me,

I feel similarly [ Leila ] How [ cell phone vibrates, ], [, sighs ] I’ll go with you.

[ sniffles ] [ Sid ]. What’S your name Leila Kwan Zimmer,

Nice to meet you You’re, Sid You’re, on the swim team Sid, I told you. I was fine [ girl, ] Leila

She’S, my sister [ teacher, ] Quiet. Please We’re trying to keep things calm in here. This is the apocalypse [ girl, ] Dude. I know

It’S straight Under The Dome [ Sid ], You, OK, -Why are you here. I told you. I was OK. [ cell phone vibrates ] [ Meera ]. Is it Dad

Is it Flora? Is she OK, Yeah she’s, good [, Sid, sighs, heavily ] [ tense music plays ], [ boy groans, ] [, girl ], I don’t know, what’s happening, [ boy ], It’s crazy!

[ indistinct chattering, ], [ girl, ]. I feel a constant sense of betrayal

It’S like, I don’t even know my own dad anymore. He brought his girlfriend to our family home. Then last night he’s like “. I know you’re still upset about before, but both your mom and I expect more from you .” So he’s speaking for your mom. Now

Yeah exactly Did you move Yeah, I’m destroying your Sicilian. Defense Go And now he’s been texting me nonstop.

Look … “, I’m driving down there. I can’t wait to spend time together when I take you to tour Vassar

“ [ boy scoffs ] -Are you kidding me Like …, I’m just fucking done.

Is that unfair? No And you don’t wan na go to Vassar. I can’t with you [ giggles ] Dude. We can’t

What We can’t, what I don’t know, I’m just gon na text him. You think your mom is camped outside right now.

In those green beach chairs from our soccer practices Dude, I love her

She has 9/11 PTSD. I mean I told her not to come. We’Re fine in here.

You guys I’m getting claustrophobic Tim In the locker room. Gracie was like “, Oh Joey. You’Ve had an abortion. Tell me what it’s like. .” Wait:

What the fuck Yeah she thinks: she’s pregnant, so she’s talking out of her fucking ass, So fucked Pay attention to your rook JoJo

Jojo play c4 She’s, not playing 5th-grade level chess Gracie

[ Joey gasps ] Check. Oh I’m! So sorry I didn’t mean to

.. [ Dom ] Whoa [ Sonia ] Fuck. Why does Conor even go to public school

I mean for real Look at … [, Dom ] Everyone’s really still gon na party after this shit.

What else are we gon na do? Ok, his house has eight bathrooms. They definitely got people who look like me. Scrubbing them toilets. Ok, so after law, school right, I’mma buy a beach house in LA And I’mma have all kinds of white staff to just dust. My antiques and shit

-Get my reparations [ Sonia ] Mm. I want a three-bedroom two bathrooms. I’M gon na set up a home office, so I can see patients You got. Ta have a brown leather, couch

That’S what I picture real shrinks having? Yes, How is John going to this thing tonight? This is gon na, be some Vineyard Vines shit -Is he bougie

-It doesn’t matter, You got ta, go! Look! If you wan na. Have your Love and Basketball story. You have to put yourself in the room with your Quincy

I got ta watch the kids, though -Sis they’re, not your kids,

-Mika stop And the fencing deadline is today I’m going over there. They get all their gear. Fencing’S random,

Colleges, love kids, who are good at weird sports. I got both the kids full scholarships, but we had to pay the registration fee, So I hustled for the extra cash And it’s child care. Three days a week Mm

I see you feeling proud, Aah, Yup, Sonia I’ll, forgive your debt! If you chill with me this weekend, Yeah, I told you, I’m not paying you

[ Jay ], You shook, I gave all my cash to Dom earlier, so I can’t

[ Jay ] Dom you got to make good [ Dom ]! Oh my God! This kid has no sense of what’s going on.

.. Wait Yo, Give me my bag.

[ Jay ] Get it [, Dom ]. Stop It’s not funny. -She’S asking you to stop -I. Don’T need you to speak for me.

[ Jay ], Throw it man -Bam Give my boy his money, [ boys, snicker, ], [ boy ], Oh shit, -Someone’s gon na come over here.

Can you mind your own business? I got important shit in there, I’m not in the mood for you, two dumbass sophomores to …

[ boys, ] Oooh, I’m sorry, I dropped something down the stairwell. We can go grab it for her real quick. It’S not the first time we’ve had to talk to this group today.

We sincerely apologize, We were playing around -They, took Dom’s wallet out of her bag, -She’s not involved. Ms

Del Marco, do you have pants? Are these the only clothes you have -Yeah [ Wilder ]? Why? Well? Because I was at gym when the lockd — You’ll, find any excuse right to put your body on display.

Does anyone have anything Ms. Del Marco can use to cover herself? [Tim] Joey. So they basically steal Dom’s wallet..

. -We didn’t steal anything. -What? ..

.And someone straps a bomb to themselves outside, but my bare legs are the big issue: Got it [, Wilder ]. I am not going to have a political debate with you now when we are all experiencing trauma. Ms

Pierre, They were messing around and now my wallet is gone: [, scoffs, ]! Well, that’s theft, guys, OK, Dom! Let’S go see if we can find it Jayson Owen. This will be written up.

Expect consequences: [ Owen, scoffs, ], [, sighs ]. She loves to fuck with me: [ Tim ], It’s’cause you’re, the bad one -With a bomb-ass class rank though [ chuckles ] Number six babe

What’S yours, One-thirty-four [, both snicker ] [, Tim ], Well, you’re ranked ridiculously high on this list, too. Hmm You’re a “ bomb pussy

“ [ Joey ], The fuck -Our friends, are fucking douche bags.

[ Leila ], Excuse me: Do you know where the clitoris is? Do you know where the clitoris is

Do you know what the clitoris is? Hey boy tell me what you know about the female orgasm, I’m asking, because my clitoris is not my leg. Stop Just stop mistaking it. For my labia

The clitoris is the center of sexual stimulation on my body. The clitoris has about 8,000 nerve endings and it’s still not as sensitive as the teenage boy who doesn’t know how to please me: Badam ching, No, I’m serious -Cool

I’M excited to have you audition [ Leila ]. Oh my God, Me too, I can’t believe you’re the director and the writer It’s almost like. We were meant to be locked down together.

[ cell phone vibrates, ]’Cause Coming of Age, has been like the only thing I’ve been looking forward to Right, Rachel, [, Rachel, ] Mm-hmm Dude. Were you a part of this [ Leila ]? What

What’S going on, -You made the “ Bomb Pussy” list You’re one of the 50 Most Fuckable Females at Grand Army. It’S on Insta You’re, “, Jap, Pussy,

“ [ Leila ] Wait Like “, Japanese pussy”, Jewish Asian Princess pussy -Wait, Who did this

-The swim team – Oh my God Wait! Does this mean that they wan na fuck me Wait?

How is this even determined? What’S the criteria for an amazing pussy? Are you on it? You found it [ Owen, ], All good

No, my fucking cash is gone.

You have $ 200 for me -We don’t -Well. I need my money right now. [ tense music plays ], [, indistinct, chattering, ], Dom you got to see this

It’S John: He ditched right before the bomb went off. Remember No one’s heard from him Look Four dead and at least 19 injured,

[ intercom beeps ] [ man over PA ] Attention, students and faculty. Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this terrible tragedy. After careful consideration, NYPD counterterrorism forces and emergency response teams have cleared us for immediate evacuation. Counselors will be available to talk in the days and weeks to come. Please have a safe commute home

Take care of each other and be careful [ boy: 1 ]! Let’S get the fuck out of here: [ students, ] Yeah, [ girl, ]. I hear that [ boy, 2 ], Let’s go

[ boy, 3 ]: Let’s do it: man [ gasps ]; Oh my God, [ Tim exhales, sharply, ] [, giggles, ], -Hi, best friend, -Hi, best friend, [, Joey ], Oh

Yo, this is fucking crazy, -Did. You call Mom yet -Yeah. I did [ girl, ] Yeah -Let’s go

[ Joey ]. Are you OK? -Yeah? Are you OK? Oh my God.

[ distant sirens, wail ], -Holy shit, -Fuck,

[ woman ], I was so worried about you. Are you? Ok? Yes, Mom, I’m fine. It was just…

Intense, That’s it A Grand Army. Kid is missing. Mom, you don’t know him.

It’S a basketball kid, a senior [ mom ]. Oh my God, That’s awful I’m..!

I’M just glad you guys are safe JoJo. Your dad said he’s in the neighborhood. Are you close to where you’re meeting him

Anna Tim Is your mom coming to pick you two up. Do you need a ride? No Tim texted, her We’re just gon na walk home

[ Joey ] Mom can I please just come home or stay at Anna’s, [ mom ]. We talked about this. Now. I’Ve been in communication with your dad all day. He drove all the way down there and he’s waiting for you, [ Joey ]. I can’t stand being there with her

She’S practically living there. Now Honestly, I don’t think that I should be forced to go after everything today. [ mom ] He’s really worried and he wants to spend time with you.

[ mom sighs heavily ] [ Joey ]. Why are you taking his side? He’S such a dick to you all the time and you’re — [ mom ] Joey stop

Jo JoJo it’s his weekend, babe and if we push him on it, it’s gon na turn into a blowout. Oh, my God, This day is so fucked [ boy, ] Delaney, where you at

-Back here [ mom ], You and your dad meet me near the office and I’ll come out and I’ll give you a big squeeze and we can all talk.

You know what Never mind: OK,

I love you Talk to you later. I got ta go [, mom, ] Joey, wait -I got ta, go

I’Ll text, you OK, -Bye Love you [, mom ], Please, [ Joey ends call ], Hey! What’S wrong!

Hey Hey, we were just fucking around with the Insta list, All right. What Dude? It’S not that

That was fucking offensive, though Also what the fuck, I’m not good enough for your list. [ Joey, sighs, ], -You’re too good Banana And we knew Timbo would kill us if we put his sister on the list.

Right You got ta delete that shit. My family is a shit, show [ sirens, wail ] -And this thing today, like..

It’S a fucking nightmare Just come over. No I’m gon na go to a dance class. I just need to

.. -Yeah -OK Here you could have this back.

Just give it to me tonight: OK. [ boy, ], OK and when you’re done, how about we go to my place, get fucked up and then go to Conor’s [ Joey ], Please -All right!

Come on, Let’s peace, Should I pay for these [ boy, ] Yeah. Let’S go

[ Joey ], Bye,

Hey She’s not into you like that [ sirens, wail, ], [, dramatic music plays ] [ gasps ] [, breathing heavily ] [ pants ] [ snarling ] [ gasps ] [ snarling, ], [, growling, ], [ growling continues: ] [, snarls ] [, yelps, gasps, ], [ snarls ] [ grunts, ], [, groaning ], [ girl, grunts, ], [, grunting, ], [, breathing, heavily ], [, snarling, ], [, growls, ] Yeah come and get me cunt, I’m a motherfucking Bomb Pussy And I will fuck the shit out of you.

[ woman ] Leila [, reporter on TV ] … theory, is that this was a botched bombing.

[ woman, ] Tea’s ready babes Thanks [ TV ], the homemade pressure-cooker bomb was detonated early in Grand Army, Plaza Investigators are still working to determine affiliation and motive. However, we do know that it was committed by a 24-year-old American man from Queens

[ mom ], Pretty scary, Leila bean [ TV ], But investigators have been able to determine a lot … Wan na talk about it.

We already talked about it [ TV ]. We know he left his home in Woodhaven Queens where he was living with his mother and father. Around 9:15 a.m. MTA security footage shows the suspect entering the 88th street Boyd Avenue..

How come you guys never put me in Hebrew school [ TV ]? He boarded an A train headed westbound at ….

We’Re not religious sweets, But didn’t you think I should be in Chinese school? Well, you were never really interested. You just wanted to do drama and dance Well, you could have forced me

I mean you forced me to do ceramics. Is there something? You know that I don’t know about me? -What -Chinese girls at school treat me like I’m, not really Chinese [, mom, ], Really

No, it’s fine.

I met some cool people today during lockdown When’s Rachel getting here for your Walking Dead festival. Actually, we wan na go to a party. Instead, Can I

[ mom ]. Well it …. It’S been an emotional day honey, But I wan na be with kids from my school

I think it’ll be healing for me: -Will parents, be there -Well. Why? You don’t trust me [ TV, ],

..Such as bridges, tunnels, airports and mass transit systems Yo, it’s not like I wan na do this. For us I fucking need to Am I wrong.

-This cannot be a thing: [ bell rings: ] [, Jay ]. I know It won’t. I mean..

My parents will fucking, kill me [ chuckles ], I mean just picture my mom’s face. [ chuckling, ] [ bell rings. ]. Gentlemen. Can I help you

[ Owen ], Hey my man: what’s up [ Jay ], What’s going on Made it through unscathed, fellas [, Jay, ], Yeah,

I wouldn’t say that, but

.. [ Owen ] We’re not physically injured [ chuckling ]. Thank God for that. What are you eyeing?

Actually, today, we’re selling Charlie Parker “ Happy Bird .” Original Nice Yeah. It’S mint

[ man ] This one too [ Jay ]. How much can you do How about $ 200 -Where you getting $ 200 -We looked on –, That’s how much they’re worth

We did our research [ man ] Yeah Right, but I can’t buy them for the same price. I hope to sell them. Well, how much can you do? Are these the ones your grandfather gave? You

Uh … some of them, but he won’t care. I’M gon na give you

.. $ 100 for these three and I’m not gon na. Let you sell me these two Wait. Why not?

I know they’re good [ man ]. They are And my advice to you as a collector and a friend and a musician is that you hold onto them. I won’t take them. [ cash register, beeps, ], [ man, ] And you’re saving, some precious gems

You’Ll. Thank me Yep Thanks a lot [ Jay ]. I got ta go to the bathroom

You know bro, I’m actually glad

I mean you, love those and you shouldn’t sell them. If you don’t want to [ boy, ], Hello, -It’s, a …

Eli, why are you here Dearest Jay-Bird texted me, you guys needed to cop. What’S up Eli -We shouldn’t have spent that money..

-Owe We need a smoke. Ok, I’m all intense and shit. So

.. [ Jay ] All right, -OK., Two delicious treats for two delicious boys.

Good looking out You, the dopest E-money -Thanks for hauling ass over here, -Always, a pleasure [ Owen, ] Thanks Eli

All right Got ta, go make a few more deliveries.

-Good Shabbos homies, [, Jay ], Later -We’ll, just hustle for the rest,

-Yeah, you fucking know it [ instructor ], Five, six, seven, eight! You know I’m also a dancer. Let’S go Pop that chest:

Pop that chest, Let’s go, let’s go. Let’S go Last stretch Here we go: Hey, hey, hey,

Pop Pop, Let’s go Yeah; Yes,

Ah, Ah, Five, six, seven eight. I cannot believe she said you put your body on display. -Dude

-Fuck her No actually, it was “ Use any excuse to put your body on display. .” -What, the fuck Fucking cunt -Cunt

But I’m marching into battle on Monday bitch. I can’t believe you didn’t fuck with her more today. Well, she couldn’t. It was bomb day Biggest terrorist attack death toll in New York since 9/11.

Uh … No Westside Highway;

The guy who ran people over with his truck [ Tim ]. Do you guys think John Ellis is dead. Oh my God Dude, I’m such a dick, but look over there, [ snickering ] -Look at her

[ giggling ] Leila Leila. Your phone honey Make good choices: [ Joey ]; Oh my God,

Hot Asian Freshman, I love her [ Joey ] George -Yo [, Tim ], God he’s gone.

[ Anna ] Aw, Her mom dropped her off [ Joey ]. Oh so cute Ooh Get the fuck off now Get the fuck off my dick Hard to tell which one more perfect.

.. My art or my bitch Hard to tell which one more perfect man, My car or my crib Avant-garde with this shit, Get your jaws off my dick Get. The fuck off now Get the fuck off my dick Hard to tell which one more perfect man, My art or my bitch, Hard to tell which one more perfect man, My car or my crib Avant-garde with that shit, Get your jaws off my dick OK wait. I just wan na make sure I look. Ok,

-You do

Do I -Yes dude Your body’s, my favorite OK. [ Leila ], There’s got ta, be a bathroom in here.

-Oh, my God, We’re so sorry, [ Rachel ], Oh shit, Sid you’re, here [ lock, turns ] [, breathing heavily ] [ Sid, sighs, ] -What’s wrong.

Are we never gon na have sex? You know the bomber was Muslim, You’re, not Muslim Sid. Does that matter..

When I look the way I do [ girl, giggles ] [, Sid ], I can’t

Please stop [ sighs heavily ], Get the fuck off now Get the fuck off my dick. That’S the jam!

[ boy, ] Yo: what’s fucking good y’all, Yeah, [ boy, 2, ], Oh shit, [, cheering ], [ boy, 2, ], It’s John Ellis [, John ] Yo. I lost my fucking bag bro, my phone all my shit. When it happened. Bro ,’cause. I was fuckin’ running bro

I was fucking out of there bro. This shit is crazy. [ cheering ], Who wants hot dog chunks mixed in -I know you guys are disappointed. [ girl, ], You said we’d get sword, thingies

[ boy, ], Yeah -I know, and you will, But I lost my wallet with all the registration money, so we missed the deadline. You know something scary happened today. We don’t know if everyone’s, even OK, so you don’t need to complain.

[ door opens ] I’ll sign you up for something else. This spring, OK, -What’s up -Hey. You want food, [, boy, 2, ], No

-We’Re watching that

-Yeah, Don’t yell, please [, Dom ] You’re welcome, I’m so glad I can be of service. Your Highnesses. [ phone rings, ] [ phone beeps, ] [ party, sounds ]. What the fuck

[ Mika ] Yo, he just got here: Man, wow, bro, Hey this cheer. You up Mika, told me about your shit, boo -Who. I got ta fight for you.

[ Jay ], This Dom -Yo there they are -Let me see real, quick, [ Mika ]. What [ Jay ], Hey Dom

Yo, I’m realizing that we actually never got a chance to say sorry, I wan na say we’regenuinely sorry and we’ll pay you back on Monday And uh you’re, a beautiful and generous human.And — [ Owen ]. Stop You gon na make her — [ hangs up. ] [ hip-hop music plays ] [ Joey ]. I got you a present.

[, sighs ], I just hate myself, I love you, I love you, I love you, I’m sorry Are you still sleeping over Is George with you guys.

Is he [ giggling ] [ Grace ] Is George here [ Joey ]. I think I need to get a tattoo [ snickers ], Yeah -Your. Dad would fucking love that

-Mm-Hmm [ chuckles ], -Joey -What, Hey, You texted your mom to tell your dad you’re fine

-Yeah, but I fucking ditched him today -I know: [, sighs, ]. I hate feeling like this Fuck it. I need to do something.

My brain feels like it’s gon na explode.

-I need to do something right: fucking now, -Yeah, Let’s go -Take your phone

[ Joey ] OK. [ Tim ] Come on, Let’s go They’re being so extra with each other right. Mm-Hmm

-You, OK, -I’m, fine, -Yeah -Yeah, I’m good -Yo, yo, yo

Listen up [ Anna ] Luke get down Come on. -Yo cups, up motherfuckers [ Anna ] George

[ all cheer ] Yeah -Come on [ Luke ]. We didn’t fucking die today And we’re still here, [ cheering ] Yeah

You know what You wan na. Take us down. You’Re gon na need a lot more than a fucking bomb strapped to your chest.

Bro get the fuck down [ Leila laughs, ], [, gasps, ], [, kids, ] Ooh,

What are you doing? -Grace stop [ gasps ] [, Luke, grunts groans, ] [ girl, ]; Oh my God, [ screaming ] [ Grace sobs ] Jap Pussy killed our fucking friend [ panting ] [, coughs, groans, ], [, laughing ] [; cheering ]. Let’S go

Let’S go [ laughter, yelling, ], [ calming music plays ] [. Recording ], Whole-hearted living is about engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness. It means cultivating the courage, compassion and connection to wake up in the morning and think “, No matter what gets done and how much is left undone. I am enough .” It’s going to bed at night and thinking “. Yes, I’m imperfect and vulnerable and sometimes afraid, But that doesn’t change the truth that I am also brave and worthy of love and belonging.

“ [ horns: honk ], [, chuckling ]. Excuse me, man, Oh shit, Yeah come on. I’Ve been waiting on an invitation. I’Ve been living like a teenager, [ doors, beep ] I’ve been playing Like it’s already over, Come on doom. Let’S party Get it over, Get it over [ screaming ] [ screaming ] [ screaming ]. I’Ve been waiting on an invitation. I’Ve been living like It’s gon na last forever Come on doom. Let’S party Come on doom come on in Come on doom. Let’S party Get it over, Get it over, Get it yeah. I’Ve been waiting on an invitation. I’Ve been living like a dowager. I’Ve been playing like..

Date: March 7, 2021