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Kim Possible – Episode 33
Thanks for the lift Special Agent Smith and Special Agent Smith, don’t mention it the way you helped us with that security breach. You big, I do know seriously, don’t mention it. It’S highly classified mum’s the word. This is the address you guys walking or writing. I will soon be the size of a microscopic particle, so watch where you step: okay, bad dog, not now daddy’s about to gain access to a high-security installation like prison food possible. What say we dispense with the banter and skip right to the kungfu fighting shake? Oh okay, hold on a sec one. Second people thanks buddy, okay action, right, shrink-ray, something’s, wrong, Commodore puddles! You didn’t knock down bad doggy, bad whoa. That’S supposed to do that. It’S supposed to string, stop told you he had to go out new Pratt. Can she go, that would be the coolest shot ever if it weren’t for the 2000 ton poodle that has been unleashed into an unsuspecting world. There’S a Commodore puddles come on by area 51. Is that away we’ve got to find them. Otherwise, my film is gon na. Have serious act, two issues Ron focus, wait. I know where they’re headed okay. I know this is going to sound weird, but you got to let us in there’s this monster poodle man, Commodore puddles, your name, Oh Kim, Possible, sound the alarm battle stations. This way to general Simms is gon na want to talk to you. Don’T worry. We’Ve got a rock-solid defense strategy ready for this really, yes, ma’am, full frontal assault by a giant Cana. That’S a four one. Stroke 5s type scenario fools my puddles doesn’t settle for ordinary dry, treats it’s not working, sir, bring out the back gun guns, you’re, not actually gon na shoot him. Are you just an expression? Man get my good side son. You may come out flowing the diet, canine whistles, it’s working, sir outstanding work best possible. We’Ve got a situation, pull back man thanks for watching now, click left or right for more great, shows or subscribe to keep up to date with the latest disney channel with youtube clips.
Kim Possible – Episode 38
Firing thrusters in three two wait: there’s something up ahead: it’s it is stoplight, come on come on the x24 prototype gone, anything 100 %. Okay, baby tell it to mr. baggy pants wait. Are you an astronaut training, gasps penny right at the fair? Oh, it’s making me kind of dizzy, not me! I am really in the belly. What’S the sitch major Kim we’ve got a hijacked shipment of high output, Iridium spark plugs in Germany, a stolen coolant, nitrox injector lifted from a freighter in the Sea of Japan, a stolen Nitro, what’s its prototype automotive components and car parts and the Mona Lisa is a Deal this is a guy thing. Isn’T it ask the guy that just boosted the experimental twenty four cylinder, supercharged oxy colder racing engine more car parts, wait, why would anybody steal an oxy cool watching somebody’s up to something Kim? Well, that’s specific and helpful Kim I’m crummy into Tony, oh, not a good play saying. Are you impossible? I’M sorry do I know you. My mom works with your dad, I’m Felix Renton, oh hi. My dad told me about you. This is wrong. Hold on hold on this clothes, winning a giant, widdle, baseball, bat huh. Sorry, I am a chant rat smasher! Hey you wan na hit some rides with us feeling ready to roll. Oh, I I didn’t know you were in a I mean. Nobody told me that you hey who’s up for the disoriented whoa. I heard that is the Bassianus ride ever. We should probably work our way up to that one Ron. Maybe this is the year you should follow that dream and take on the pie-eating contest no way. Kp no fair food Wow. Maybe we should hold off on the really intense ride Kim I can handle it. I’M trying to be sensitive to Felix’s condition. Does he have a weak stomach Tim in a chair? What of it probably give some emotion, sickness edge so Felix? What do you like to do, besides extreme rotating yeah usual junk video games, basketball and basketball? Sure why not what I wasn’t sure if he Hey look monster trucks tomorrow night in the arena you like monster trucks, oh yeah, I’m all about the monster trucks Kim you never out! Okay! As long as you can sit and not spin, I’m there don’t worry. I got the sitting thing down I’ll meet you at the gate, Kim, oh yeah. I can’t wait hi thanks for watching now, click left or right for more great, shows or subscribe to keep up to date with the latest disney channel with youtube clips.

Date: March 7, 2021